Alan Wong

Alan Wong often think that people who live in the world of art are the happiest and the most joyful ones. They live in a natural and beautiful realm of life in which their kindheartedness and characters are unfolded. Their love of beauty seeks satisfaction: their innermost beings and external world are in perfect harmony. In this realm, they remain selfless and oblivious of themselves. They love moan and things distinct from themselves. Nature exists in their inner world, and the outside objects and their own state of mind co-habituate as intergrowths caring one another. What a natural and beautiful mindset! In this sate, they fly high and low, stay unique yet common. It is as Confucius stated, “One who gives, has a kind heart”. The benevolence of man and nature is inherent in humankind.


As long as we yield our opinionated minds to our natural and sincere fondness of beauty, we find ourselves bathed in the immeasurable happiness and charm. As living in Vancouver, encompassed in the fair and natural environment, many who love nature, freedom and the beauty of art are leading such a happy life. Alan is also one of them.